If you plan on using your macbook for purposes such as writing, emailing, doing, everything all the time, a lot, really really need it, or documenting your recent mild atrocity of a trip to California – try to avoid a lively  5 am game of  inebriated darts with your friend from Graduated School, as he is prone to knock the helpless thing off the counter, rendering the LCD screen cracked and sad and unusable.

Now: For a mere $800, apple will rectify this situation for you. If you are anywhere near a thing that is My Boat, this kind of makes you want to die. A lot.  So: Or: employ the Steven Baughman, who knows his screws from his LCD screens,  who swears he can boyscout it up and fix it himself for half as much. Until then, I am nearly computerless. It’s closest I’ve come to the (near) lost of a loved one. Pathetic? Yeah. Grateful for that?  Yes.

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