memorial day

This is my first Memorial Day as a Person Who Works Person. I have to say, in previous years, a Monday off didn’t mean much. But as of late, a 3 day weekend is bigger than Big. It is mind-blowing and essential. It makes me cry a little bit. But there is also this odd pressure. YOU HAVE A THREE DAY WEEKEND. LISTEN, YOU. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN FOR A LONG TIME. DON’T F- ING BLOW IT. TIME WASTER.

Granted, I did not get a milisecond of work done this weekend, even though I have the next week (with only one night to write) to outline whole Posse season, write a play for binge, and re-write Elephant Play.  That being said, I think I’ve really discovered AND mastered Memorial Day.

The trick to a successful memorial day (weekend) is NOT to journey towards some expensive thing. Instead, one should do nothing; Nothing including all the small, simple things you secretly wish you were doing. For the Me, i relished in the wearing of dirty weekend clothes, dirty weekend hair, the eating of Things I Usually do not allow myself to consume in Fear of feeding arm fat (cool ranch doritoes; ice cream sandwiches) – and had a grand old time.


A farewell dinner / celebatory party for Carrie commending her on her first year of Law Skoo, in her friend Niki’s boyfriend’s retarded Williamsburg apartment (complete with ‘cat,’ ‘dog,’ and ‘rug.’)


A leisurely stroll around my own neighborhood which I feel like I barely even notice anymore.  The neighbors are getting younger and younger. Gah. Brooklyn.

Also –  journey towards the East River – they’ve sort of turned part of its Bank into a park by my house. And by ‘turned into park’ I do mean ‘trees planted’ and ‘italian ice sold,’ and not necessarily ‘there are no more dead rats floating in the water.’



A bike ride over the Pulaski bridge with my favorite activities partner…


A further ride to the Socrates Sculpture park in Queens. It’s okay, I didn’t know either. It’s um, a park. With sculptures. And huge outdoor studios for sculptors (welding and fancy looking weldy equipment and whatnot). I don’t even know. Just look:



And finally, an all-day loaf-about in Astoria park, which boasts ethnic children, an utter lack of Crowd, large stone aquatic creatures to crawl and stand upon, and a breath taking view of some important bridge.



I could ramble here about the bittersweet-esque quality of the day, being that the D and the T are about to go to the I, but instead, I will humbly thank the Day itself, or whoever’s decision it was to make it,  for some good old American well-deserved time off.

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