robots v. pirates

dua-pirate.jpg  So I’ve challenged myself to write a kid’s play. I’ve decided it’s going to be really really hard and refreshing and a nice change of pace. (Celebrity play is officially in the Oven.)So Not just a play FOR kids, but a play that kids can be IN, too. I’m pretty stoked. So while babysitting tonight, I asked the chillins the ulitmate question, the answer to which holds my writerly fate.  The question is, of course, Robots or Pirates?  21508.jpg Pirates are perhaps safer. I think it’s a bunch of pirate kids on a pirate school. On halloween, they dress up like doctors and electricians. It could be duely titled, school is Harrrrd.Uh. Just thinking out loud, here. BUT – Robots are so much more timely. I think kids would really be into being robots and making robot-esque noises. Robot children eat their vegetable pills and clean their boxes. They speak Latin and already know everything about math and science, it having been programed into them. But what happens when one little Robot is unable to retain any info?! Does this robot having a learning disorder? There is a flaw in the system! Abort! Abort! Perhaps to dark.Either way, pirates or robots, a severely positive, slightly obvious life lesson will be gently woven into the story, this I’m sure of. Brush your teeth. Be nice to your grandparents, do your homework, feed your cat. Don’t yell too loud when mommy and daddy are drunk.What? I worry I’m not capable of writing for kids. My mind keeps going dark. Ah, hell. I’m going to try anywhoo.On a slightly related note:  catrobot.jpgCat, StuffedCat, or RobotCat?    

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