My blog is not usually a place for ‘shout-outs’ if you will, but I just wanted to send love, and lots of it, to this guy pictured above, Ed Gleckler. He’s the brother of my roommate, Elizabeth, and he died Saturday of lymphoma, just 23 years old.

I never met the guy, but we accidentally emailed each other a few times. When I sent Elizabeth an email that pretty much read ‘I am so gay for you,’ and it reached him in error, he was a sport.

When Eliz found out he had only two months to live, she had to move out, and I being the weird voyeur that I am began reading his blog. This was a seriously faithful, intelligent, hillarious guy with a fervent belief in God. I have a lot of respect for him and wish him the best.  I hope he gets to check his myspace from heaven, as our pages become our tombstones when we die.

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