tonight, we met

Fanbase, one cannot live in a place like the New York and do the playwriting thing without the occasional elbow-brushing with the fame.

Tonight, we Did somethin. A 24 hour play type thing. Last night, tired, I stayed up til 2 writing a play involving a Disgruntled Sleep fairy about being tired. We raised money so that inner-city high school kids could be nerdy and theater-esque like us in a 24 hr. play type way.

Tributes and brushings include:


You were snarky and showed up late  with One Guitar and One dog, whom I later pet.  Or pat. You spoke of unemployment, and this made me oddly optimistic.

And you:


You spoke of your dog on Page Six and wished you were named Zack.

I wish I lived in the Village and got more sleep.

Kudos to both of you, and all of us, who do plays.

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