For those who Stalk and Care, I am in the ATL this week for a reading of my play, Green, at the Alliance Theater, for the Kendeda Graduate Playwriting Competition, for whichst I wast a finalist.

I have to say –  it is pretty stellar to get to actually feel like a playwright now and again. Right now, feeling like a playwright means a big hotel bed, 7 hour rehearsals, schmoozing and suitcase living – note taking, hand shaking, humble thank-you saying – no actual job to speak of. Amazing.

My reading was yesterday, so I’m now officially off the hook – and now have a few days to mellow out and attend the readings of the other finalists. There are also lunches and dinners with the ‘private’ donor who made the competition possible. I hope she is a little old lady in a big summer hat with plastic marigolds and birds. I hope we have tea.

As for Lanta itself, I’m impressed thusfar – though I haven’t ventured beyond the weird downtown Arts center thing area I’m staying in.  So far, perks of this warm cit (and by warm, I mean – T shirt – no 12 coats – no wind-stung face- incredible) include:


Chik fila. I am obsessed with this Christian fast food establishment, which boasts warm waffle fries and the best fried chicken sandwich you ever done seen. There’s nothing like it. There aren’t any in NYC. When I venture South, I eat it as much as humanly possible. I found a Chik fila nestled inside a nearby building. I’ve eaten it twice already. Awesome.


Friendly janitors. I’ve made buds with 3 thusfar. It usually goes something like: Hi, I’m Rufus, how are you today? What you here fer? You’re famous! Can I get your autograph? Whaddya mean, you don’t have a car? You wanna borrow my car? Alright now, you have fun now! 

Fried Chicken on buttered bread? Friends with custodians? AWESOME.

Today being crazy tuesday election day thing today – more to come.

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