fat kids!

An entirely unstaged photograph:


To the Curious, who are most likely few: Fine. I will spew what I’ve been up to. I’ve been in rehearsaland for Fat Kids on Fire , my new drama play. It’s going swell. It’s involved my new favorite AND least favorite thing, which is frantically re-writing a play during the rehearsal process. This one’s a tough’un, in particular, cause I re-vamped and expanded a one act that I wrote my first semester of grad school – it’s super hard to re-visit something you first made so long ago without being judgemental (this is shallow, this sucks, etc.)

But I gotta say – with one killer cast and director, about 4,000 snickers bars, and the gratuitous usage of Timbaland and M.I.A., this puppy is really shaping up (which it better cause it opens practically yesterday.) In summation, I’m proud of it, and already lamenting the fact that whence it closes, I won’t have a show til Summerish. Will I be the bored? There is also life, Bekah. I guess. Dinner making, new play writing, place-going, thing-doing. I guess there is that. And spinning. Lots and lots of that.

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