New Years

It is nearly impossible to decided what to do with yourself on a one night shebang, but This new year, I choose to nerd it up with my theatery friends and get thoroughly Stupid.

To begin, I will attend this fete at the Ohio Theater:


Wearing something of this nature:


Which I have yet to find.

This little stinker will also attend as my sidekick:


Tameek, my co-worker in crime, whom I have dubbed an appropriate dance partner.

And in the days that follow thereafter, I plan to pray more frequently and sincerely,  eat more cheese, attend more Dinner parties (like Mrs. Ashley’s Whitfield’s, New Years Day, where good luck pork chops will be served.)

Other lofty goals include starting a new screenplay, carpe-ing the diem, cessation of all things that are Bad for Me, and listening to of much more Timbaland, and shaking what Jodie gave me to said tunes in the privacy of my apartment.

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