cocktail brunstetter


Last night, in the spirit of little black dresses, shrimp cocktail, cocktails, gin and tonics, little lime wedges, goat cheese olive things and the Actors that carry the Trays of Them, and the writing of drama plays, and awkward Matthew Broderick encounters, I attended The New School for Drama Cocktail Party. This was arranged by New School president Bob Kerrey to thank generous old men with sophisticated canes for their donations of books and giant bags of money. He gave this speech that was actually really, really inspiring – he’s not a theater dude at all, and he spoke of its essentialness, because it’s human.

DUH, bekah. DUH. Human.


I learned. And my butt was only inappropriately brushed once. All in all, it was a good time. This girl loves a party, and any excuse to click around in heels, maintaining a temporary (inpenetrable) feeling of happiness.

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