Buddha Brunstetter


As of late, I find myself repeating mantras, which is a means of self – therapy I do not personally usually adhere to. In fact, I have probably before pubically denounced them ‘hippie’ or ‘gay.’

My most recent mantra invention is ‘It is your own Path.’ Because: it’s too easy, so, SO easy, to get jealous of/daunted by the paths of others (like that dumb bitch playwright who is my age who does not have to work because her parents are rich therefore she is very prolific and is winning/achieving everything that I want also she is the pretty and Adam Rapp went to her birthday party, allegedly, and this year, she made 300,000 dollars writing for TV.)

See- that is her path – not mine. I’ve got my own path. MY path at the moment happens to involve a lot more debt and L train, and a lot less glamour and this thing they are calling ‘money’ and ‘time.’ And that’s okay.

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