Research ensues. I have challenged myself to the duel that is the writing of a new (science inspired) full length play in 33 days.  Can I do it? No clue. Will I try? Yes. Is it about elephants? You bet. What’s the story? I got nothing.

Isaac directed me to the crazy phenomenon going on with the Elephant as of late. Their violence towards humans has increased immensely. They have become pissed, irrational. Neurologists theorize that it is because they are scarred from witnessing their parents being poached.

A little girl dreams that her parents are gutted by elephants. The prophecy comes true. Or perhaps there are elephants in the room, but no one can see them.  We can hear them, though. Do they shake the room? Are we scared of them when we are little? Are they toys? Are we Toys? Are we elephants? God. No. We are not elephants. I sure hope that this play does not end up THAT kind of play. There will be NO stretched metaphors, journaling, or audience address. There might be floating things and facts.

I have no idea. All I know is that for now, I am intrigued. My palate is indeed wet.

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