winter ear hats

I have MY this year’s winter hat, which will be worn beyond reason, to the point of ridiculous. It’s bright (bright) blue, and makes well-dressed women stare, and old man say things like ‘nice hat.’ To which I say, thanks.


Now the question is – do you have yours? And if negative, uh, why not? The token This Year’s Winter Hat will cost you a cool five to ten bucks, so it’s okay if you chew on it/ if someone accidentally spits on it/if birds pee on it/if it’s lost/stolen/neglected; if it suddenly rendered useless by the apocalypse.

But either way, get one. It’s funny, I’ve had mine for a little over 24 hours, and I cannot seem to remove it from my head. So on my head it shall stay, even perhaps as I turkey bake in 70 degree NC. I will wear it, ironically.

winterearhats are also available for ‘men’:


and ‘babies,’ though they protest to the wearing of them.

Boys, I suggest something rustic, with furry flaps. But most importantly, remember this: only YOU can choose your winter ear hat. Let no one else choose it for you. The choice is hard, and the decision is yours.

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