subway music


Why am I not musically inclined? If I had a wish, besides erasure of my student loans/leaf bag of monies, it would be that I could sing like a mf, or play the violin, or the piano, or harmonize, or something. But actually – I don’t give myself enough credit, I guess: I am certainly not tone deaf, and when I was 8ish I practically taught myself the piano. I had a good ear, I really did. But I will never blow minds, this way, not like, well, the subway musicians. Have you heard/do you listen? Wow.

Like the other night, too late, waiting for L: Two boys: one stand up bass, one flute. Flautist? Some really mind-blowing ‘flaut’ing happening. I was floored, and stare I did.

It was so lovely, even the rats were dancing.

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