the bedbug


People, I’m actually really digging my new job, partially thanks to
these little buggers – literally.
They tend to bite, reek havock and cause drama, generally, i.e., more work for me, i.e. the making of Time Go Faster – all through the great Manhattan area.

I have never experience these thirsty little dudes in my bedplace, but have heard horrendous tails of new sheet burning, and the Forced Getting Rid of one’s favorite clothes. What do the want, even? What the H are they doing, feasting on us, at our most vulnerable time? Actually, they are just hungry, which I can sympathize with. Actually, they just want to be warm, and are attracted to our sleeping selves. They want to cuddle, I can sympathize. And also, maybe, suck our blood. A mere 5mm in length, just one can cause thousands of dollars of damage, as I’ve learned on the job. It takes pretty much just one confused foreign businessmanperson with bugs in his bags to bring the whole dynasty down.


Also, right now, I am itchy.

Point being – when dealing with people’s home away from home’s – their level of comfort – the cleanliness of blinds, the workingness of DVR boxes and the presence of corkscrews – so much can, and will, go wrong. Never a dull moment – and this is good.

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