she was murdered to death


Due to my ‘morning commute,’ which I now have, like a Real Person, I have  taken to reading the free am paper, Metro. It gives you a basic rundown of how awful the world is, with pictures and everything.

This rundown contains many disturbing lifenuggets that will be wedged into your brain for the rest of the day – and perhaps your life. Metro also contains things that educate you on What People are Talking about, so that you can feel Smart.

So. fyi,  A real estate woman was bludgoned to death in her Upper West Side apartment. No one knows how, or why. A girl in Pheonix left her 1 year old son in her car for 7 hours while she worked her shift at Hooters, and was shocked to find him dead when she returned. And finally, a substitute teacher in some place like Florida or somewhere like it was arraigned for throwing a text book at a student. The book actually missed the student at which he was aiming – and smacked another student in the back of the head, like take that, the student.

Just so you know, all of things happened, or are happening. Just so you know.

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