A close examination of my interior monologue reveals that I spend a great deal of time composing emails in my head. This is how my mind works.

Dear ——— – So – hi – (insert important thing(s)) – thoughts? Best, Bekah.

I was just thunking about how nice it would be if I could send said emails while I was thinking them – perhaps a blackberried thing – but then I feel like I would be obsessed and do nothing else.

Or what if – in the future – my mindthing read my mindmails and sent them for me, I would just think send. But what if I could not filter or control my own thoughts?  What if I thought accidental things, or things I haven’t quite thought through, awkward things, unprofessional things, mean things – and accidentally mindsent them? In the future, perhaps, our minds will sensor themselves, mechanically: keep us honest and couth.

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