we stayed up late together

Last night, I sat on the babies of Sophie (7) and Sebastian (5), childpersons of electronic international sensation
fischerspooner’s frontman Warren Fischer. Joining us was good friend kate platzker (7) for a sleepover.

We dined on handisnacks, canadian candy bars, and Nerd Stix, which are these crazy new fangled candy contraptions that blow sugared things from the days of MY youth straight out of the water. They are colorful and chewy and look like this:


For our viewing pleasure, hours of the Disney Channel ensued. The highlight of the evening was a screening of ‘Twitches Too,’ the latest Tia and Tamara Mowry cinematic installment, in  which Twin African American Teenage Witches battle the Dark Forces that lie in Conventry Land – which can be accessed through closet doors, or via the driving backwards of Daddy’s convertible. The Too – of course – insinuates a second installment; and ‘also.’


Speaking of ‘also,’ please tell me you remember this:


People – those are hours of my life I will never get back. Anywhoo. What pleases the chillins pleases me. After this viewing, it was off to bed. Sebastian, a man about town and bedroom, promptly bedded himself after brushing his teeth and ingesting vitamin-infused gummy bears. Sophie, Kate and I had some serious girl talk about how much it hurts to get your ears pierced. I did a dramatic reading of  The Pigeon Finds a hot dog, a rousting new children’s book about a Pigeon who finds a hot dog- and the earnest little duckperson who tricks him into sharing a bite.

Little gals tucked in all good – I turned out the light  and went to kiss Kate goodnight – but lil’ miss grabbed by hand in a way that pretty much made all my problems, yesterday and today and pretty much – well – EVER – promptly go away.  Kate was homesick, and a little scared, and a little weepy. Sometimes I just miss my mom and Dad.  I was immediately reminded of when I was her age – and would spend the night at friends’ houses – I would have a great time, but as soon as the lights were out, and the quiet house settled – I would cry. Too embarrassed to tell my friend or their parents – I would lay there crying.

Kate and I and her Tinkerbell sleeping bag hung out on the couch enjoying The Suite Life of Zack and Cody perhaps a bit too much.  We cuddled like buds til she felt better, like I wish some strung out, secretly broke ass babysitter had done for me.

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