man jewelry



Today I Temped at Robert Talbott.

Life lessons accumulated:

-There is such a thing as manjewelry. It ranges from gay/neat bowties, to woolsomething neckties adorned with ironic things like unicorns and hamburger patties to easter stripes,  to little butterfly cufflinks. Any one of these items could pay my rent for a month.

-A lot of people are rich, a lot.

– There is an underbelly of NYC. It lives beneath the stores. It smells like lowerclass meat, like meat microwaved for seven years. There are sad looking lockerrooms with janitors uniforms and sad looking people milling out, telling each other jokes. In this underbelly, there is a secret bathroom for just the maintenance people. In this bathroom is lots of Porn.

– There is a man who wanders Madison avenue. Once a day, he stops to talk to the Ties. He picks them up, one by one, and argues with them about oil prices. This is apparently not nuts.

– Standing is hard.

…Everything happens for a reason. Or at least – this is what I tell myself to wake up in the morning.

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