law skoo

Fans, my father is a lawyer. He looks like this:


Hi, the Dad. I like him.  I never really understood EXACTLY what it is that he does, besides being moderately irritable and making people sign things;  graciously affording my college education and the slew of overpriced abercrombie clothes that the pressures of high school demanded. It also meant that when I was 10, when he finished paying off his law school loans, we moved into a bigger house and could all the sudden afford things like Doritos, fat camp, and gasoline.

Now I am re-exposed to this thing that is the ‘law’ and the ‘lawyer’ as my dearest ladyfriend Ms. Carrie Cottingham (The Honorable; Esquire) embarks on her first semester of law skoo. I am really gaining a greater understanding of how it works, how one studies it, and why it is important to do so. The people who end up pursuing a law degree all from all sorts of backgrounds and walks of life: actors (Carriecott), real estate people, circus clowns, daddy’s girls, and the general roust-abouts who took 10 years finding themselves on some forgotten virgin island.  I think that the decision to study law, from what I have gathered so far from convos with Honorable Cottingham, is a desire to to think more LOGICALLY; it seems to really force you to figure out how things function, to make rational decisions, and decipher how things work. This sounds really soothing to me. Rational, logical thinking, that is. Am I smart enough for law skoo? Probably not. Is ms. Cott? F yes. Am I proud of her? Ever much so.

As for the law itself: and my understanding of it: Basically, well, it involves something like this:


And the studying of it, well, makes you look like this:


Sleep rendered insignficant; red wine and number two pencils: defense mechanisms. I think Carrie made the right choice attending College of Charleston/Charleston Law/ building in Charleston where law happens sort of a lot/ whatever it’s called: because I think that the only thing you can hope is that when you throw yourself into this massive learning attack situation for 3 years, your only hope is that it all goes down in a place as marvelous as this:


In conclusion, GO CARRIE GO!, and I will dramaplay about it.

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