i never shared this

One year agoish, Working Man’s Clothes was honored with 6 NY Innovative Theater Awards for my show, To Nineveh. The evening was lovely! I relish in any opportunity to wear a dress and consume too many consumables, and relish I did, indeed. I stumbled across these pictures, and for my next trick, I shall share them.


The gang of stoked people assembled before hand, and were stoked, generally. Maybe there were airplane jeger bottles stashed on our persons, maybe. That’s Lanford Wilson dying off to the left.


We win best ensemble. Our heads grow large behind us.


We take our awards for a drink. They are heavy and jubilant. They drink Guiness and scotch start hitting on each other.


We celebrate! Ellen David (who won best actress in a full length play) cuddles of me, my uncharacteristically massive cleavage says hello to most everyone, and Larry King’s bother pouts in the corner. For real.

It is fun to remember, and to reflect.

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