On Fake Writing Resumes


I speak to ‘no one’ in particular.

Scattered fanbase persons: Listen. Self-publishing yourself and making up awards and then GIVING THEM to yourself does not dubb you a ‘published and award winning’ whatever. I’m sorry, but this gets my thongthathongthongthong all in a TIZZY. I totally understanding buffing up one’s restaurant resume, lying all to crap on something like that, I guess (thought I can see that if I were a waiter, that would piss me off too) – but on an artistic resume – that is HONKY, yo.  Everything on my resume is something I have accomplished and WORKED FOR and in a way, have earned the right to put this on my resume – there are no lies. I pride myself on one of the small slices of my lifecake that remains 100% honest,  respectable, and non-whorebag. Every bit of it is true. And I’m proud of it.

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