The Reviews are In!

 And they are aight.




And Time Out NY which I can’t seem to locate on linear.

As reviewy things occur, pictures of me mildly drunk and full of chicken wings and flanked by cute boys  (Producer Jeremy Blocker, Director Geordie Broadwater) circle the interweb. They look like this.


In general, I’m satisfied – some people are perplexed – some people are happy to be perplexed – but all seemed to at least enjoy themselves – except the Backstage guy – who I actually suspect is not a ‘guy’ at all, but some sort of lawnmower, chaise lounge, or kitchen appliance.
One reviewer compares the show to House of Yes. I really like that play, but I had to work on it in directing in undergrad, and WOW. SO HARD. In a bad way. The language is really interesting, everything is interesting, but the things that are ACTUALLY HAPPENING are TOO EMOTIONALLY CONFUSING! I don’t want to write plays like that. I want to actors to really have something to push behind; I want to audience to relate. I think I can figure out a way to combine my strange whims with something more universally true. I don’t want to intentionally confuse. I think that came about with this play because it was the first time I was really trying to tackle a nearly plot-based MYSTERY – which is so not my scene. But all in all – I’m really happy with it.

Tonight I’m doing a talk back after the show which a bunch of students visiting from UNC as part of a seminar, which will be super cute, and will involve me making faux important faces and saying Smart Things. I enjoy very much the irony of the fact that I am writer of drama plays who, by day, has been steaming clothes for 10 an hour. I feel like some sort of cloak-ed super hero. As I steam, my steam says, I am important too. I am important too. Mayhaps.

But: in defense of my embarassing temp position: it being ‘market week’ in which the spring line is ‘marketed’ fr buyers from Saks and the like: THERE IS FREE GOURMET RIDICULOUS LUNCH EVERY DAY. Involving skewered shrimps sticking out of things and rosemary salad things and little lemon tarts. AND yesterday, I was sent home with bag o free clothings. Nice.

On a more uplifting note, I have may have landed a full time Music PR job, which will involve me pretending like I know what I’m doing – a lot.

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