The times, even!

Fanboats, my show You May Go Now is goin pretty aight. It even got a nice listing in the Times!

Here are pictoral references for your visual pleasing:



Last night was official opening. Champagne and chicken wings and soft belly laughs are awkward moments with Parents of Those Involved were had by all. Namely, the me.

I’m darn proud of the work I did on the script, the things I learned from the process, and how hard everyone has worked. It’s a freaking weird complicated play and it’s really special to see so many talented people embrace its flaws and rally around it. I still don’t feel like my work is done but – a lot of progress has been made – and the timing couldn’t have been better. I really feel like a professional playwright of sorts – which is good feeling right after finishing school. I feel like I actually learned how to REALLY work and REALLY communicate during this show. It’s one thing to just write the thing, apathetically/narcisissistically crap the thing out – it is definitely another to do actual WORK and make the thing the best it absolutely can be.

Gah. I am so gay for the writing on Plays. I would marry it barefoot on a beach. I would have ten of its triplets.

Rehearsals are now in full swing for I have it at Manhattan Theater Source’s Estrogenius festival on October, and for I Used to Write on Walls: a Lady Play, which runs through October at the Gene Frankel. More to come, even!

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