The Way in which Robots will make Love to eachother


In the future, Robots will make love to each other via files and jpegs. Their declarations of devotion will be titled iminlovewithyou.doc.

Their hearts will look like this:


Once filled with musings and metallic love sounds, these documents will be transferred via soft robot touches, and love will happen. This love will be measured in  gifs, watts and gigabytes. Stuff like that. Man and woman-bots, for the first time,  will be able to compare their feelings of love with each other. (I Love Mine this Much. The Mostest.  I am almost full. I am 83% full of love.)

Then babybots will happen, and the parentbots will open blank documents to fill with every sound their child ever makes, forever.

Unfortunately, baby robots look like this:


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