Why you Should not Pierce Yourself


Seriously, what? This was an article suggestion on a bloggy I blog for. Julien, let’s have a moment about this. Here we go.

High School Angst and a burning desire to be different, I believe, and perhaps a little boredom, compelled my friends and I to pierce each other’s ears in the bathroom. We would grab a stud, a nail file, and head to the little girl’s room during lunch, our hearts racing. It was definitely the thrill of being bad. Also, this was 1998, when delicately lining little hoops all the way the heck up your ears was a definite must. It was our way of expressing our selves, our way of saying Look at me. It was similar to writing on walls, and cussing excessively.

We were not yet 18, and our parents would not consent to this self-mutilation (or decoration, as we saw it) so we were compelled to take things into our own hands. Julien would sharpen the earring with the file as I stood shivering, heart pounding, wondering if someone would walk in. Then, she would shove it through. I would bleed, yes, but what a rush. This happened some four times.

My ears now, 9 years later, upon close inspection, are strange because of these thrilling bathroom events. I haven’t worn earrings in anything but my first holes in years. The third holes are too close to the second holes, the fourth holes have developed that knotty tissue behind it that is unappealing and strange. I like that idea that they just remind me of where I’ve been, and how far I’ve come. They are nostalgic scars.

But in summation: piercing yourself: BAD IDEA. There is a reason that professionals are trained to do it. There is a right way to piece the skin, a safe way to do it. Especially when you are dealing with cartilidge, which is hard to puncture.

Once I turned 18, I went moderately nuts, and expressed myself with tongue, noses and belly piercings. As complicated, painful and wonderful as all of these experiences were: I would not have had it any other way than under the care of some nice guy who I know is in control: in a sterile, soothing environment.

As great as it is to decorate your person, it is not worth permanently scarring your body for the thrill of the public school bathroom pierce. Seriously – don’t do it.

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