And this is a little thing I like to call ‘celebrity gossip.’


Elaborated Here.

Jon Bon Jovi protesteth much the use of something SIMILIAR to his name, ‘Mijovi,’ for a new coffee-based energy drink. The Bon Bon ‘s civil representative sent a letter to Marcos Carrington, owner of the new line of beverage, who press materials and bottles read: ‘itsmienergy. itsmijovi. itsmilife.’

And I mean, EVERYBODY knows the infamous rock JBJ ballad, ‘It’s my life.’ Duh, Mr. Carrington. What’s up now.

But Carrington insists that mijovi is actually named after his girlfriend, Jovia – and that in fact – unlike MOST things in the world – has nothing to do with Jon Bon Jovi.

Nothing to do with with Jon Bon Jovi? Seriously, Carrington. We are meant to believe this? Even the trees have to do with Jon Bon Jovi. Pretty much most things do.

So for my next trick, I will sue TriBeca for its obvious infiltration of my ‘monicker.’ I will always wage a war against the use of the words ‘Back up,’ which, when said really fast, just sound too much like ME.

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