Why I spend So much Time Spinning


Amis, I am trying actual ‘article writing.’ And tp kick two birds in their faces with one foot, I am going to start putting some of them up here, too.

So here’s one I just finished about the advantages of Spinning, which will make you understand Why I Abandon you to obsessively take this class. Or maybe it won’t.

I have the answer to our aerobic prayers: One misleading word: Spinning.

Oftentimes when I tell people I’m on my way to or from spinning, they get this image in their heads of sweaty me a.) spinning in circles, aerobically, b.) dropping some tasty beats with some old records in some forgotten underground club, or c.) spinning plates on fingers. ( I wish I could do that. If I could, I would most likely do it constantly. For fun. At parties.)

But I speak of indoor biking. And people, I am obsessed. I took my first class a year and a half ago, and have been going religiously ever since.

A brief testimonial: I am not – um- athletically inclined. At all. I had embarrassing, scarring childhood encounters with group sports: 6 year olds beating me in the 200 free style, scoring goals for the wrong team, Baptist T ball, cheerleading, what have you. None of this did I actually do to work out, per se, but because it was what kids did. It was where your friends were.

But ever since I began to loathe my chubby nature, circa age 15, I have always worked out. Now this ‘working out’ has gone through lots of phases. It began with running laps around the track with my Dad, which usually led to throwing up (just a little bit) by the water fountain – but I have these ‘sprints’ to thank for any calf muscle that I possess. In high school, and most of college, I would go to the gym 2-3 times a week, spending a sad 20-30 minutes on the treadmill. This attempt would be followed by some made-up ab or ball or weight routine that really did me no good. I was not really working. I would, instead, sometimes go on ‘runs’ (or this is what I would call them -) but they were really long walks around the block, slowed by wistful staring at neighbors and trees.

Point being – I had not REALLY worked out – ever in my life – until I took my first spinning class. Basically, it’s a stationary bike. Led by a teacher, fueled by the rhythm of music, you are led up steep hills through muscle-building intervals by increasing and decreasing the tension on your bike. Classes run about 45 minutes, and if you take advantage of it, every minute is intense. You are working hard – but you are not bored. I used to have a huge problem getting bored while trying to work out – even if I had music or a tV show in front of me. But there’s something about the group mentality of a class that really keeps you motivated – you want to go faster the person next to you; you don’t want to suck. It’s definitely in our nature to be competitive.

I feel like Spinning might be intimidating, if you’ve never tried – but don’t be. I definitely was at first, but the thing is – it’s YOUR class. Mildly scratching what I just said about feeling competitive with your fellow spinners – the lights are off – and everyone is in the zone. No one is looking at you. If you can’t keep up, you can’t, and you do the best you can until you get better.

The best thing about Spinning is that you’ll see INSTANT results. Spinning really works your whole body – ESPECIALLY your abs. After about three months of spinning 3 times a week- I lost ten pounds and dropped a size, without any change to my (ahem) diet.

Tips: the expensive shoes are NOT necessary; yes they improve your ride, but you’ll notce that most of the pedals on the bikes are equipped for tennis shoes. Also – shop around different instructors. They vary a lot in terms of music choice and and personality. Once you find the right teacher – who works you hard – one in whose class, you never even look at the clock even ONCE – stick with this teacher. You’ll notice yourself getting stronger and stronger through the teacher’s set routine, and it’s really rewarding to see the results.

So, people, I say SPIN. I say, don’t run. I say, treadmills are dull. I say, aerobics classes are awkward. I say, get ye to the stationary bike and spin away. You’ll find yourself really looking forward to it – and the gratutious large dinner thereafter will taste so much better.

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