not a still born. It’s alive and stuff.

So i have deemed it important that I start ‘blogging’ to keep me actively writing every day. I don’t know if anyone will read this besides me – but this is not important. What is important is that as I undergo this life transistion from student person/person who spends too much time in pursuit of gladiator sandals/person who spends thirty bucks a week on iced coffee/person who lives life of blissful abandon – to person who goes to work/has no time to write/has no money for frivilous things – it is important that I approach writing as work, as a career, as a necessity, so it does not become a thing of my youth – but I think that I am obliged to do.
Not that i think I will ever stop writing – I get punched in the face with 6-7 ideas daily – Student Loans the Musical – or a play about somebody’s who’s most humiliating and horrifiying life event gets captured and spread on youtube – like that poor stoned cop (Time is moving really really really slow. I think we’re dead.) – like that. But the important thing is that I make the time to write. It’s so much easier when you feel like you have all the time in the world – now I know that i do not. Because I have a ‘job.’ And when I leave said ‘job’ after being in front of a computer all day – the last thing I want to do is sit right back down in front of it – as creative and wonderful and cathartic as writing something new is, it can still seem like work.
Something I’ve found myself doing a lot lately – or at least since school finished – It’s easier for me to sit down and revise something that already exists – work on a script that needs work – instead of write something new.
I did, though, manage to muster up my new one act, ‘I Have It,’ in which two herpes ridden youngins meet for their first date. I also have begun ‘Dishwar/How are You’ – in which two roommates fight to the death over dishes.
Other things in the mix are expanding my one act ‘Fat Kids on Fire’ – setting it in the 80’s – moving it into a full length for later WMC Production – and possibly into a film as well.
I’m also working on two new full lengths – ‘The Arbitrary Adventures of White Crayon Women’ – about a young girl on Oregon Trail who is depressed – and ‘Mariage Blanc’ – about the birth of coiture and department stores in Paris in the late 19th century – where women sit around being pretty and writing long letters to their lovers. I like that.
And by ‘working’ on them I mean I haven’t written a word – but I think about them. A lot. Yay.
I think ‘blogging’ is incredible narcissistic and self induglent and awesome. I think. I’m stoked about making myself put strange observations and feelings into words on a daily basis – and perhaps forcing those close to me to read said blog – so that I do not have to actually ‘communicate’ these thoughts/feelings/events with loved ones –
thus, I will avoid all phone calls and actual conversations all together.
PS – this blog is arranged and brought to you by Mr. Steven Baughman of 117 India St., Greenpoint, Brooklyn. If you want to meet my cute boyfriend, you can see him talk about his life at On his front stoop. Starring the bear. It’s pretty cute.


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