Fresh monologues for You

****Friends, I’ve temporarily suspending my monologue writing service, got too bogged down with other projects. Check back for updates, though, if you’re still interested. My apologies!****

Actors! Get your hot monologues! Get them while they are hot, even! If you like, I’ll write you a monologue for a mere $60. This monologue, kind of like a cookie, is warm, surprising, um, edible – and baked just to your liking. Just for you! Email for more info.


Mmmm! Cookies.

Thanks Mom!

Here’s how it works:

You say, Bekah, write me a monologue!

I say, okay, neat, sure!

You tell me:

– Something you’ve always wanted to do / see / play onstage

-4-5 things you’re interested in (examples: cactuses, Kentucky, Norwegian folklore, the country of Hungary, dinosaurs, rollerskates, scientists, etc.)

-What you feel your strengths are as an actor

– What you’d like the monologue to accomplish

Next, I write it. You give me money. I give you a monologue (once it’s to your liking, of course.)

Now you might be asking yourself – why the H would I get Bekah to write me a monologue? I thought you’d never ask. See what other actors are saying about my fresh-baked monologues. Mmm. Yummy.

Bekah always produces a true honesty in her stories and a careful cleverness to her words. Any actor who gets to step into her world will flourish in the fun, reality, and courage of her work.’

‘Bekah does not suck at writing.’

Using words as her building blocks, Bekah is able to continuously build the best, darkest, scariest, most wonderful fun-house of theater ever. Ever.’

‘You tell Bekah, “I want to be a tap dancing fairy from Germany with an eating disorder,” and she makes it happen. And it’s amazing!’

‘Bekah is able to take your wildest aspirations as an artist and your strongest talents as an actor and cultivate a piece of work specifically for you, that not only stands out for originality and honesty, but seems as if it can only ever be performed by YOU! And that makes you look really really good at an audition!’

i love her. i do. and whiskey. she made me a harry potter monologue one time. he was naked. i had cherries on my capris. it was good. i love her. i do. i do.’

No matter how much red wine Bekah drinks, her teeth never get that purple. And she has a keen fashion sense. And she writes good.’

‘Bekah’s writes the type of monologues that every actor wants to have as an audition piece.  They are truthful, intriguing characters with depth.  She has written both comedic and dramatic pieces for me that have given me the ability to explore the range of my craft and show put my best foot forward in an audition room.’

“Bekah’s monologues have beenhave been extremely useful for me when auditioning. Each monologue has a rich juicy arc, that really shows a deep range within a few minutes.Her monologues tell funny and compellinganecdotes about the challenges that all women face. Bekah has an amazing gift for language and writing, and I am grateful and proud to have these monologues in my repertoire.”

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