I care Deeply

More Steaks

MARK MY WORDS: when I’m old and gray and have created many TV shows and movies, and no longer care what people think of me, no longer burn the bulk of my calories trying to be nice: I will receive a note from a producer or executive that my script needs more Stakes. I will […]

Object Permanence

This is one of Joe’s Montesorri toys, designed to teach him Object Permanence: the Concept that things still exist even when you can’t see them. Mostly he uses it to teach himself another very important Concept of picking up hard things and Smashing them against other hard things. A few days ago we lost the […]

Queen Mother

For Mother’s Day, Morrison updated this pic of Joe and I by Lake Tahoe to reflect me as my TRUE SELF: a medieval Queen, with great Knowledge and Secrets. For Mother’s Day, Joe woke up at 5:30 AM, demanded food, (accidentally) smacked me in the face, then smiled at me and turned my heart into […]