I care Deeply

Speak Out

I’ve been real conflicted over how to best be useful during this fraught but necessary time. I read something yesterday, directed at white people, that said something like, we’re dealing with enough right now. Don’t make us have to also swim through your tears. And how much of speaking out is ego driven? And does […]


Given the world right now, it feels wrong to spend any internet space on silly baked goods, but then again, maybe this will make someone smile, just for a second? So I present to you this Half Baked Harvest Lemon Tart I made, with NO SUGAR, fresh cream sweetened with lemon and honey, graham cracker […]

Now would be the Time

I tend to stay out of these conversations, because I feel like it’s not my place to participate, but right now that’s feeling like a lame excuse. It should be lost on none of us that it’s mostly white people who have even been able to shelter in place and stay home for the last […]