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Consider this the formal press release, can someone tell Deadline, Us Weekly, all of my cousins? I am once again WITH CHILD! After some twists and turns, and after declaring to the universe that I really wanted to be done having kids by the time I was 40, we got pregnant the month I turned […]


For a while now, Joe has known that my job is Writer, Dad’s job is Actor, and his job is to play with cars. But Monday he starts a MONTESORRI PRESCHOOL, SOB, and the word job is about to take on a whole new meaning. All day he’ll be engaging in different jobs, ie playing […]


Happy happy birthday to my wonderful husband, who’s having the 41st-iest birthday there ever was, in a corporate apartment for his wife’s job, filming an audition for his own, letting his toddler take most of the frosting off of his bday cupcake but not eat it. What could be 41st-ier, getting a skin tag removed? […]