I care Deeply


Since having Joe, I’ve been a real journey trying to find pants that fit. More like post-PANTSdum amiright? ANYONE? ANYONE? I have searched low and high, I have tread from the sale sections at at Macy’s that’s two seconds from closing down to a West Village store that smells of French candles and sells five […]

Written By

There’s a thing about being TV writer that most lay people don’t know: when an episode says Written By a person, say, Me, there is a chance that I wrote as few as somewhere from 0-10 words in the entire episode. Writers submit scripts, which oftentimes get rewritten by the Showrunners for a variety of […]


No one: Say Bekah, what’re you up to this weekend? Me: Oh, just stressing about how to properly describe the stress I feel about not yet finding time to read this book that Blaine sent me about stress. Still no one: COOL COOL, HAVE FUN IN YOUR FALL LAYERS Still me: DON’T WORRY I WILL […]