I care Deeply

The Last Supper

I’ve been workshopping what I might make for a dinner party to celebrate Donald Trump’s last day in office. Or maybe, what I might make him for Dinner. Obviously the guiding color is orange. And Obviously I can’t have a dinner party and also there aren’t enough flaming hot Cheetos in the world to fully […]


A companion piece to my previous blogpost: Things that we feel we could accomplish now that we have experienced not one but two CONSECUTIVE decent night’s sleeps, or at least with very minimal wakings from Joe: Like we could accomplish great physical FEATS Like one might when one is in ones TWENTIES! Like we could […]

scream feels

We have begun sleep training Joe, and by we I mean Joe screams and Morrison does the actual work of patiently listening to it, and I hide in the backyard. It only took me 90 hours of research, asking friends and hand-ringing to decide which approach to take. We’re doing what’s called a modified Cry […]