Bob 💫

For anyone counting, hopefully no one is counting? I haven’t posted here in 5 DAYS so please revoke my perfect attendance certificate, I’ve been loyally (obsessively?) posting here every day, or at least every other day since June 2007, but again, who’s counting (IT ME.) My very very good excuse for missing first period is I am now a mother of TWO. Introducing Roberta Katharine Foster-Keddie, our daughter who we dreamt of. There’s more to say about her arrival, her name, Joe’s feelings, and what it means to finally have her, and what she’s already taught us, but I’ll leave that for other posts I don’t have time to write. In the meantime, join me in welcoming Bob to earth. WELCOME BOB, to do lists are for Later. I mean I love them, but sometimes you have to let them go. You’ll see. 💙

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