2021 ended pretty much on brand for Itself: a gorgeous white Christmas, good family time and cousin time for Joe, all surrounded by Christmas cookies, but then a bad (not Covid) cold, stranded in Seattle for 3 days in a snow storm pandemic apocalypse, and finally a flight home in which Joe had diarrhea and a full-on toddler meltdown DURING EXTREME* TURBULENCE (*to me all turbulence is extreme; please consult Morrison for the truth.) 2021, You Giver, You Bitch. There were ups, downs. We got to watch Joe embark on his first words, steps, bites of avocado. As parents we googled and worried, we lost sleep, we sucked snot and woke up at 5. I lost two pregnancies, I wrote two pilots. We all grew closer. It was a Year on Earth. It was Life, and I’m thankful for it. But most of all, I BAKED. Oh man, Did I Bake. So many many bundts. So here are my 2021 Bakes. THANK YOU, CAKE. I LOVE YOU, BUNDTS.

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