Prisoner in my own Bed.

(Note, my bed is nothing like a prison bed. My bed is friendly, bright and soft. My bed is the bed version of an anime character, the kind that little girls want on their backpacks. I have no reason to complain.)

I’ve been sick for over two weeks now and just can’t seem to kick whatever it is, so I’m confined to bed for a day or two to wait / rest it out.  This is a LITTLE BIT my worst nightmare. I’m really bad at resting / being sick. It’s really unproductive and wouldn’t you rather be going to work and doing things and shouldn’t we instead go for a run and bake things, isn’t that better? But I’m so sick of being sick so I’m willing to give it a go and fully embrace the experience, beginning first with this Cup a Noodles, which I love but rarely let myself have. I’ll also be Thinking Thoughts and updating my Scripts section so that actresses across the  greater New York area will stop asking to read ‘A Girl who Shoots Guns’ which I either lost, or never wrote, because it’s really just not there.


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