I’ve spent the majority of my adult life not worrying about my chubby arms, or the fact that I have little-to-no upper body strength. In my youth, I was never able to pull myself up on water ski’s or back into the boat – my Dad always had to pull me up by my bathing suit*  (scarred for life.)

Lately, though, for some reason, it’s started to bother me. I began to want tickets to the Gun Show. So I’ve started going to a Chisel class where there’s all sorts of awkward side-planky things and useful squatty lifty things. Sure, to actually see any progress, one must focus ALL of one’s energy onto working out, it seems, which I cannot do but: at least I’m trying, right?  I am happy to say, though, I can now sort of do a complete (lady) push up – which is quite a feat for THIS Brunstetter.

* The factual origin of Blaine and Carrie’s favorite thing to say to me when they want me to do something: BEKAHHH!!! GET IN THE BOAT!!!!

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